Sunday, 10 December 2017

613 - It's the Final Cromwell!

[sings] "Doodle-oo-do... Doodle-oo-do-do..."

Yup - to continue the recent flurry of completion, I've finished the third of my Cromwells - this is "Hothead" to accompany "Havoc" from the same squadron (group pic of all three of my Cromwells to follow soon).

No blurb here needed, really; just pics. Enjoy!
Thanks for swinging by - there'll be a couple of very different bat-reps coming up soon, I promise...


- Drax.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

612 - Bolt Action Jeep Conversion

Here's something else I've finally got around to: buying a cheap toy jeep and converting it for tabletop use. Having picked up seven bashed-up old toy jeeps for £3.50 from ebay, I went to work. Some Debris of War stowage, a scrounged steering wheel and a handmade covered windscreen later, this is my new jeep:

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

611 - Sherman Patrol in 28mm...At Last!

Hullo All,

Yes, I've finished them. Those three Shermans I got for only about £15 a while ago have finally been painted up. 

Unusually for me - but entirely deliberately - I decided to do these as a batch, so they're quite samey. They're not really the ideal version, as they lack the bolted bits on the chin of the hull (I've no idea what any tank bits are called, by the way)... BUT just as with my infantry, they're supposed to be the 28mm version of my 15mm force, and they do at least match the three US Shermans I have in 15mm (link here)! I suppose they've been brought up from the rear as battlefield replacements...
They're not as shiny as they look...

Oh, and just for shits and giggles, they have consecutive serial numbers too!

For once, I've added some stowage (I'm trying to work towards retro-fitting more of this to my existing vehicles in the long run) - in this case, it's the VERY nicely sculpted generic set from Debris of War. 

The commander hasn't photographed very well, but he is decently enough painted in his black overalls and beret, I promise! I actually feel he's rather too small: I often hang out next to a Sherman and they're bloody tiny...but then, I suppose I'm a big fellow, and tankies weren't renowned for being the beefiest of chaps...

Well, TTFN.

- Drax.

PS: Here's an old pic of their smaller-scale brethren in action: